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I am Khaled….YOU KNOW THAT ALREADY. I am a Jordanian living used to live in Amman I live in Canada these days, i am an Aeronautical Engineer ,I worked with the Civil Aviation Authority as an Aircraft Airworthinees Inspector (Aviation SAFETY Inspector). IF you have any question about Aviation or Airplanes just drop me an e-mail I might have an answer.

I am 30 years old and 31 very soon this was 5 years ago any way. Beside Arabic and English I also speaks FILIPINO language. I LOVE CHATTING,Welcome to chat any time,just email me.

I am putting some pictures of mine ,my graduation picture taken in the Manila ,Philippiens in 1989 ,and the others during my last buisness trip to France in oct.97. I try to update this page every once and awhile and add new pictures. Excuse me for the qulity of the picures its only the scanner.

I will be glad to hear your comments about the design.

Do not forget to visit My Province Home Page it has a lot of information about Thekrin ,Hebron ,and the History of Palestine from stone age to Present it has many pictures.

Fine Sayings "Fear not, nor be dismayed at the appearance that is darkness, at the disguise that is evil, at the empty cloak that is death, for you have picked these for your challenges. They are the stones on which you choose to whet the keen edge of your spirit. Know that ever about you stands the reality of love, and each moment you have the power to transform your world by what you have learned."


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